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Stone Consultores  is a consulting firm that specializes in registering health products with the Health Ministry of the Venezuelan government. Cosmetic, domestic, and medical materials and types of equipment are our three primary areas of product specialization. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company.

Why Choose Us?

Our customer base consists of medium to large businesses that know exactly what they want: to register products in Caracas or Venezuela. However, this process requires a demanding amount of accurate paperwork. We are here to aid with this process and ensure that companies stay within the guidelines and rules. We also follow up with applications to make sure they are approved.

Accurate & Up-to-Date

It can be confusing and time-consuming to register a product with the Health Ministry of the Venezuelan government. Requirements and policies frequently change without time to adapt or written confirmation. Our team works hard to stay completely current with all changes made by the ministry. We have a thorough knowledge of the clinical paperwork, legal documents, and certificates that are involved in the product registration process.


When registering products, a mistake in the process can result in months of setbacks. Companies choose our help because we minimize these types of errors and streamline the process.

Dedication & Communication

When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that we'll remain by your side throughout the entire process. Rely on us to stay on top of your ministry request and keep you updated about the process. It's important for us to provide you with continual updates on your product's status.

Medical Tablet and Equipment

Detailed & Focused

At Stone Consultores, we understand the power of specialization. We offer a small number of services, but we excel at these services. Our narrow focus allows us to understand all of the complexities and details of the industries and regulatory bodies that we deal with. We understand how to interact and cooperate with clients and deal with common problems they face, such as trademark issues.

Throughout our decades of service, we've supported some of the most well-known businesses, and they benefit from our precise and specialized business practices.